13 ways to squeeze value from your content

14th June 2020
Åsa Magnusson

Great content is never cheap.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get amazing value for money!

Most value-driven marketers know that one piece of content – a blog post, a video, a white paper – can be repurposed in many different ways. You might pay a premium price for the one piece, but that same content can be used for lead generation across different channels for months and even years.

Make your content work harder

Here are just a few ways in which you can take an existing content asset and turn it into various other hard-working lead generation tools.

Longer assets into shorter ones

A long asset like a white paper can be crafted from a standing start, or draw ideas and content from blog posts, surveys, and previous papers. But once it’s created, it is a brilliant foundation for lead generation campaigns.


  • Separate the chapters
    Each chapter may be transformed into a blog post, a smaller info sheet or a podcast episode.


  • Visualise the content
    Use any numbers, statistics or key facts and turn them into images, infographics, quote memes, or video.


  • Get commentary
    Engage with industry influencers to get their feedback on the asset. Turn their comments into an interview-style blog post, a podcast or a series of social media comments.


  • Use extracts
    Build interest by sharing an extract of the text or perhaps the whole first chapter, enticing people to download the full asset.


  • Make it a series
    Rather than publishing the entire asset as one paper, break it up into three standalone parts that may attract people with different pain points.


  • Pull out specific points
    Take key facts from the asset and research them further, creating complementary ‘deep-dive’ topical assets.


  • Create a range of social messages
    Populate your social publishing calendar with snippets of text from the asset.


  • Create a Q&A
    If the asset is on a complex or controversial topic, gather the questions and comments you receive – or anticipate – and turn them into a Q&A asset such as a webinar or an information sheet.


Shorter assets into longer ones

A shorter asset could be a blog post, a how-to-guide, a case study or an information sheet – anything that doesn’t require a great deal of time investment from the user to read or listen to.


  • Merge them
    If you have several shorter assets on a similar topic, consider ways that you could combine them into an e-book or a longer paper.


  • Turn text into video
    Many people who wouldn’t download and read a document may spare a couple of minutes on watching a video, so look at animating and/or narrating the content.


  • Develop the best performers
    If you have one asset that seems to get more traffic than others, it may be worth creating one or two other assets on the same topic or angle. Develop it into a more detailed version.


  • Build a ‘kit’
    If you have a number of assets for one specific audience or on one theme, turn it into a ‘tool kit’ or a library where users can access them all in the same place.


  • Create workbooks
    If the content has a practical application, consider ways that you can pad out the asset with do-it-yourself pages, turning it into an interactive workbook.


No one-trick ponies

These are just a few examples of how you can make your content work even harder for your business! Whatever you choose to do, don’t allow your content assets to become one-trick ponies.

There will always be a way to squeeze more value from your content investment!


Are you ready to make your content work harder?

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