Meet the Companymals.

Marketing: The Monkey in the middle

Think of Marketing as the centre of your business. This is where your fundamental business idea begins and your service or product is designed to meet the market need in a way that customers want. Every department of the business connects in one way or interfaces with that central point, through communication , control, engagement, systems, direction, output, profit, and collaboration.

Every day in your business, you are surrounded by animals. Every function you engage with has a distinct set of properties that are similar to those of its counterpart in the wild. But what are these animals? Let's take a look at the Jungle Wheel.

Marketing needs to approach each function in a different way.

Marketing: the nimble monkey

  • Swings from tree to tree, engaging with all animals with curiosity 
  • Has a wide view of the horizon from the treetop, but also sees the ground at the bottom 
  • Has the ability to shout far and wide to communicate messages of warning, excitement and discovery

Sales: the hungry tiger

  • When the Tiger is hungry, there is only one thing on its mind: nothing gets between it and its prey
  • Has a limited on-the-ground perspective and can learn much from the treetop view of Monkeys 
  • To help the Tiger hunt, the Monkey must understand its challenges 

CEO: the sturdy elephant

  • Stomps up new paths through the jungle 
  • Has the ability to make powerful changes – but moves slower than many other animals 
  • Is protective of its tribe and needs to see value for everyone 

HR: the protective owl

  • Takes the young under their wing
  • Keeps the bird’s eye view but zooms in on the detail where needed
  • The monkey helps the owl by making its voice heard, sharing its wisdom and supporting its efforts 

IT: the productive spider

  • Builds a framework for connectivity
  • Has an intricate model in mind and will continue to grow and repair its web until it is as effective as possible 
  • The monkey helps the spider by suggesting new connection points or systems that may strengthen and expand the entire network 

Finance: the frugal squirrel

  • Always fully focussed on having enough resources to keep everyone fed
  • Plays a long game and tries to predict what needs to be done today to get results tomorrow
  • As long as the monkey can prove that what it does is of benefit to the future of the business, the squirrel will help and support it 

Operations: the constructive beaver

  • Tirelessly works to create the dam, with contributions from its tribe
  • The monkey can share insight on how other dams are built and what makes them different 
  • The monkey needs to help the beaver by bringing it useful building material 

Want to know more?

These are just some of the ideas presented in the book Hunting with Tigers - the Marketer's Career Survival Guide by Åsa Christina Magnusson.


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